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Wound Repair

Horses are exceptionally good at finding ways to injure themselves – fences and star pickets seem to be two favourites.  Kicks or bites from other horses also seem to be popular.  


The resulting wounds can be spectacular and may take several weeks to heal, especially if the wounds are on the lower legs where thin tissue cover and poor blood supply can prolong healing.


Early repair of any wounds offers the best chance for rapid healing. The nature of the repair depends on the extent and nature of the wound but can involve sedation or anaesthesia, suturing of muscle and skin, bandaging, antibiotics, pain relief and tetanus prevention.


Our veterinarians will assess the wound and discuss the treatment options. Most wounds will be treated or repaired immediately.  If the horse is particularly valuable or if the wound involves tendon damage or bone damage, we may suggest referral to a specialist equine centre after we have provided emergency first aid.

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