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We like to break down the health care for your household pet or farm animal into three categories as outlined on this page, health care, surgery & diagnostics.


General health care refers to preventative health care such as pet consultations, dog & cat vaccinations, microchipping, flea control, worming control and pet food and nutrition.


As with humans, surgery can always be challenging but we are proud to say that we offer a wide range of veterinary surgery options at Cowra Vet Centre to provide you with the best veterinary care in the Cowra area.


These include dog and cat desexing, dental work, soft tissue surgery, eye surgery and orthopaedic surgery.


Diagnostics is the science of understanding what is happening with your pet or animal from the inside.


In short, we diagnose the issues based on the results found from a range of tests performed using our diagnostic equipment such as X-Rays, Ultrasounds and Pathology.

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