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Our New Clinic

In October 2017, Cowra Veterinary Centre relocated from its old premises on Darling Street to a brand new purpose built veterinary hospital on the Grenfell Road, opposite the showground.  The owners of Cowra Veterinary Centre, Dr Peter Launders and Dr Kellie Seres, are very proud of the new hospital.

When asked why they took the difficult (and risky) step of relocating the long established practice from the previous location in Darling Street, Dr Launders said there were a number of reasons. 


“While the previous location was purpose built as a vet clinic, it was done quite a while ago and standards required by veterinary licensing bodies, as well as client expectations, have changed significantly over that time. 


Since purchasing the business, Kellie and I have been focused on continually improving the standards of care that we offer to our patients.  Working in a brand new purpose built and painstakingly planned veterinary hospital was the best way to take a quantum leap forward in the veterinary care and treatment that we can offer to our clients and their patients. 


For example, in our new hospital we will have better control of heating and cooling which can have critical influences on patient recovery.  We have larger reception and treatment areas which are really the engine rooms of any veterinary clinic. 

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The vinyl flooring throughout is a hospital grade finish meaning hygiene and cleanliness are maximised. 

We spent a lot of time working on the layout so that everything flows really well – both for patients and for staff. Specialist design consultants have created an inviting and comforting colour scheme that has been very well received by our clients and their pets.”

Some interesting facts about the new hospital building:

  • Rather than using bottled oxygen for anaesthetics, there is an oxygen generator that extracts the oxygen from normal room air and delivers the oxygen to different rooms using pipes in the ceiling.

  • To deal with the inevitable smells that come with dogs, cats and other animals, there is a ventilation system in the roof that extracts the old stale air and replaces it with fresh air.

  • The surgery room has positive pressure ventilation meaning that no germs can get into the room, reducing the risk of animals contracting infection during surgery.

  • There are water pipes under the floor that allow different rooms to be heated or cooled in an energy efficient fashion – this system also produces all the hot water the clinic needs, using a heat exchanger to minimize the amount of energy used.

  • In keeping with the energy efficiency theme, there are solar panels on the roof and double glazing throughout.

  • The hospital has a closed circuit TV system which will allow veterinarians to check animals in hospital via their smartphone (as well as being used for normal security purposes).

  • There are separate cat and dog wards and a separate cat waiting area to reduce stress levels for our feline friends.

  • There is a separate isolation ward for dealing with infectious diseases such as canine parvovirus.

  • There is a flat upstairs that will be used to accommodate university students while they do practical placements at Cowra Veterinary Centre.

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