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Cattle Care

To ensure that the cattle you produce on your land are top quality, we need to ensure that they are healthy. 


At Cowra Vet Centre we look after all cattle veterinary services including;


  • Obstetrics (Calvings)  

  • Pregnancy Testing

  • Bull Testing

  • Cattle Surgery

  • Disease Investigation

Horse Care

Living in a country area it can bedifficult to get good quality health care for your horses.


Luckily at Cowra Vet Centre we have a range of equine care solutions for the Cowra and surrounding areas.


  • Gelding

  • Wound Repair

  • Colic

  • Laminitis/Lameness

  • Disease Investigation

Sheep / Pigs / Alpacas / Goats

Sheep, Pigs, Alpacas & Goats are all part of the lifestyle out in the country and play a fundamental role in everyday farm life but can sometimes become ill which requires prompt attention.


To help avoid these issues we proudly offer veterinary services for livestock including;


  • Disease Investigation

  • Ovine Brucellosis

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