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Pet Pathology refers to the analysis of samples (of blood, fluid or tissue) in order to evaluate an animal’s health status and assist with or confirm a diagnosis.


Common laboratory tests include:


  • Haematology – blood counts; used to check whether an animal is anaemic or suffering from an infection

  • Biochemistry – blood chemistries; used to check the function of internal organs such as liver and kidney

  • Histopathology – microscopic examination of biopsied tissue; used to determine whether a lump is benign or malignant

  • Blood clotting times

  • Urinalysis – used to check for urinary tract infections and diabetes; also to check kidney function

  • Bacterial cultures and sensitivities – used to identify the infectious organism and select the right antibiotic to treat it.


Some of these tests we are able to perform in-house so we can get a rapid diagnosis and begin treatment immediately.  Other more specialised tests are sent to an external laboratory with the results usually sent back overnight.  


Histopathology and bacterial cultures can take several days to process.

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