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Ovine Brucellosis

Ovine brucellosis is a bacterial infection that causes infertility and sterility in rams.  To prevent the spread of this disease, the government established a scheme (the NSW Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free Flock Scheme) whereby sheep producers could get their rams accredited as free from ovine brucellosis before sale.  


In this way, purchasers of rams can be sure they are not introducing brucellosis onto their property.  Also, if you plan on showing your rams, your flock will need to be accredited as free of ovine brucellosis.


Peter and Emma have been accredited to conduct initial and ongoing assessments of the brucellosis status of your sheep flock.  These assessments may include farm visits to examine fences and other facilities, taking blood samples and physical examination of the ram’s testicles.

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