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Bull Testing

We all get our cars checked and serviced regularly to make sure they are in good working order. But how many of us have thought of testing our bulls before putting your bull out to work?


A bull breeding and soundness exam involves restraining the bull in a crush and doing a thorough physical examination, including feet, eyes, external genitalia (penis and scrotum) and internal genitalia (by rectal exam).  


Semen is collected by electroejaculation (an electric probe is placed into the rectum) and examined under a microscope to check the density/number of sperm and their motility.  If desired, a sample of the semen can then be sent to a specialist morphologist to examine the individual sperm for any structural defects.


If you have had poor calving results recently, the bull is one possible reason.  It is much quicker and cheaper to find out if your bull is likely to underperform BEFORE you have a bad calving season.  


Our veterinarians have the expertise and specialist bull testing equipment required to conduct breeding and soundness exams on your bulls.

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