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Eye Surgery

Ophthalmology involves anything to do with examination and treatment of an animal’s

eyes.  Common problems with pet’s eyes can include corneal ulcers, grass seeds caught

behind the eyelids and conjunctivitis (eye infection).


Our veterinarians use a special dye called fluorescein (it glows a green/yellow colour) to

identify damage to the cornea (the clear layer at the front of the eye). They may use local

anaesthetic drops to numb your pet’s eye to allow them to pick up and examine the


If you believe your pet has any sort of eye problem, contact the vet immediately.  

Eye problems can be extremely painful and like us, your pet only has one set of eyes

and damage can happen quickly.  Conditions that are easily treated if caught quickly can

cause irreversible damage (such as blindness) if not treated promptly.


Many eye conditions can be treated medically with eye ointments and drops, however,

some specific conditions may require surgery.  


Cowra Veterinary Centre has the expertise and specialist equipment necessary to

perform the following eye surgeries:


  • Cherry eye surgery to correct a protruding third eyelid (usually happens in young dogs)

  • Entropion surgery to prevent damage to the eye from eyelashes or eyelids that point inwards

  • Enucleation (removal) of the eye for cases of severe trauma or glaucoma

  • Removal of eyelid tumours


Our veterinarians can also refer your pet to a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist for any more specialised procedures such as eye ultrasound, vision testing or cataract removal.

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