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A consultation is the starting point if your pet has a problem of any sort or if you just want a general veterinary health check.One of our veterinarians will discuss the reason for your visit with you and then give your pet a complete and thorough physical examination, focusing on any areas of concern that you may have.  


Our standard physical examination includes eyes, ears, teeth and gums, lymph nodes, skin and coat, heart, lungs, abdomen, joints, feet and nails and rectal temperature.  If we find any abnormalities, we use special instruments to investigate them further (e.g. looking down dirty ears).


We may recommend further testing (such as blood tests or X-rays) to help us get to the bottom of the problem.  Or we might suggest possible treatment options such as hospitalisation (e.g. if your pet has been vomiting), medication (e.g. if your cat has a cold) or surgery (e.g. for a suspicious skin lump).


We operate by appointment 5 ½ days per week.  We are available for after hours consultations for any emergencies that may arise after our regular hours.

Call Us for an appointment

(02) 6341 3113

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